Exploring South Kihei

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Today I want to share some random photos of our time in Hawaii. We decided to attend a local church on Sunday, which was a good experience. But hot. Most buildings in Hawaii are built with huge windows and open areas--a lot of the time you can't tell if you're out or in. Their church building was built this way for breezes to come in and go out, with only ceiling fans for circulation. Some days I just craved a blast of cold air. :)
B got me this bouquet in honor of our 10-year anniversary. Love the gesture, and love him.
Scootering around town was one of the highlights of the trip for us. We got these for the day and returned them the next morning. We basically explored the whole Kihei area on them, zooming around back and forth with the wind in our hair. It was fun to see the neighborhoods where all the locals lived. I'm a little bit of a gawker. If your blinds are open, I'll take a look inside. ;)
We were repeat customers at Kihei Caffe in the mornings. Good food, decent prices, good Kona coffee, big portions for sharing, and right across the street from the ocean. And the guy at the counter is so dang happy! And it's apparently not an act, according to his coworker.  He really is always that happy. Take a look at that deliciousness right there. I had to try the French toast with macademias and banana.
On the way to the beach, I hopped out of the car for this. Those patches of bright always made me happy. Just don't stare at my hair too long. I figure, what's the point of washing and styling it if I'm on my way to get it wet and salty all over again? Right? Also applies to the above photo.
The Maui Film Festival was going on while we were in town, so we knew we had to catch at least one movie. We got shuttled to a big grassy field on the Grand Wailea property that gently sloped down towards the screen. So much fun watching a movie outside! We actually stayed for a second movie that started right after, and we basically froze our little butts off by the end of the night. We didn't expect to freeze in Hawaii, that's for sure! We saw People Like Us as well as H2indO, a documentary about stand up paddling. Hats off to them for pioneering a new sport.
A recap of our drive to Hana is coming up next! I'm getting nauseous just thinking about it.



Julia Manchik said...

Scootering around on a warm day is the best! And I want to go to Hawaii just for that french toast.

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