Memorial Day Weekend

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Yes, I may be over a week behind with this, but I forgive myself, so hopefully you'll forgive me too. I have lost track of time over the last couple weeks, and I've been a bad blogger. Shame on me. But I still want to share what we've been up to. 

We had a family date night on Saturday. We tried out a new coffee shop that popped up near us recently (I can't keep up with all the ways this city is changing lately!), and headed to Home Depot to get some gardening things. Of course B told me exactly which drill he'd like me to buy him. Next time I have $375 laying around, I'll be sure to grab one for him.

On Sunday we had dinner at my parents' house, which is always exciting, and then spent a good chunk of the day at the lake on Monday with our church. I even got some shopping done later that day for the kids' upcoming trip to New York with their grandparents.  Solid weekend down in the books.

Yes, we made them share an Italian soda, being the thrifty parents that we are.  :) All we had to do was promise them some much more economical cones later on.

I don't look very amused, do I? B and I were talking.

I'll save the other pictures for another post.  This blogging thing takes some time, and I have a women's fellowship meeting I have to get ready for.



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