Mother's Day

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This year was a standout Mother's Day for me.  I really enjoyed the whole weekend, even though it wasn't all rest and relaxation.  The kids are all old enough to know what the holiday is about, so they started off the day by telling me "Happy Mother's Day," gave me their handmade cards, and I got this sweet little flower in a paper mache'd milk carton from Mila.  I bought myself a dresser at a local consignment shop as an early present since I know B hates to shop, then B bought me a couple more gifts as well.  Totally unexpected, but good.

Strawberry rhubarb pie from the farmer's market.

I got pretty carnations from all three kiddos at church.

My nephew Noah.  I pulled out the camera, and he wasn't having it. 

Peeking out.

We beat the rush with our Monday morning breakfast.  Much more leisurely and fun.  Not to mention better service.

Flowers for the mother-in-law.  Ranunculus are my absolute favorite.

I couldn't stop snapping pictures!  So pretty.


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