Baby Shower Invitations

Friday, May 25, 2012

I love making things with paper, to start with nothing and end up with something really pretty to look at.  That's why I love scrapbooking, it kind of satiates my eye, as well as my need to be visually discerning.  Creating can be so satisfying.

My sister is having a baby in four weeks, if she makes it to her due date, that is, and I couldn't be more excited and oh so happy for her and her husband.  I have the honor of throwing her a baby shower since I am the only sister in town.  Julia.  I'm going with a folksy Russian theme, with matryoshkas and polka-dotted mushrooms.  If you can imagine Russian cross-stitch and old peasant dancers (kazaki) with their traditional hair and dress, that's kind of what I'm going for, with a more modern twist.  It will be soft and pretty and graphic and fun. 

I wanted to make something folksy and colorful for her invitations, but nothing too complicated.  This is what I came up with.

I used my favorite cardstock, put the text together in Photoshop, printed, cut, and added strips of patterned paper (if it doesn't seem easy enough, I clarified everything for you).  ;) 

Kraft envelopes add the finishing touch.

One more week until the big party, and I have lots to do!  I tend to procrastinate and put things off until my perfectionist self feels I am worthy of taking a project on, so it is always a struggle for me to manage my time wisely and consistently get things done.  I have been doing pretty dang good, though, I must say! 



Natalia K said...

The fonts and your choice of papers totally made these invites. Oh, and the envelopes. Simple looks deceptively easy, doesn't it?

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